Chamber Furnaces with Air Circulation, Electrically Heated
N 120/65 HA N 60/85HA with torch as additional equipment

N 15/65HA as table-top model

N 15/65HA, N 30/45HA - N 500/85HA

These chamber furnaces with air circulation are characterized by their extremely high temperature uniformity. Hence, they are especially suitable for processes such as cooling, crystalizing, pre-heating, curing, but also for numerous processes in tool making. Due to the modular concept, the furnaces can be adjusted to the process requirements by adding suitable equipment.

  • Tmax 450 °C, 650 °C, or 850 °C
  • Horizontal air circulation
  • Swing door hinged on the right
  • Temperature uniformity up to ∆T 8 K according to DIN 17052-1
  • Heating from bottom, sides and top
  • Optimum air flow and temperature uniformity through high circulation rates
  • One shelf and rails for two additional shelves included (N 15/65 HA without removable tray)
  • Air baffle box of stainless steel inside the furnace chamber for optmum air circulation
  • Base frame included in the delivery, N 15/65 HA designed as table-top model
  • Switchgear with solid-state relays
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmConnectedElectricalWeight
 °Cwdhin lWDHload kWconnection*in kg
N 30/45 HA45029042026030607 + 255117513153.61-phase195
N 60/45 HA45035050035060667 + 255125014006.63-phase240
N 120/45 HA450450600450120767 + 255135015009.63-phase310
N 250/45 HA4506007506002501002 + 2551636186019.03-phase610
N 500/45 HA45075010007505001152 + 2551886201028.03-phase1030
N 15/65 HA¹650295340170154708454602.71-phase55
N 30/65 HA65029042026030607 + 255117513156.03-phase²195
N 60/65 HA65035050035060667 + 255125014009.63-phase240
N 120/65 HA650450600450120767 + 2551350150013.63-phase310
N 250/65 HA6506007506002501002 + 2551636186021.03-phase610
N 500/65 HA65075010007505001152 + 2551886201031.03-phase1030
N 30/85 HA85029042026030607 + 255117513156.03-phase²195
N 60/85 HA85035050035060667 + 255125014009.63-phase240
N 120/85 HA850450600450120767 + 2551350150013.63-phase310
N 250/85 HA8506007506002501002 + 2551636186021.03-phase610
N 500/85 HA85075010007505001152 + 2551886201031.03-phase1030
¹Table-top model*Please see page 61 for more information about supply voltage ²Heating only beetween two phases